Sustainable agriculture – The best way to feed the world

Seychelles Nation, 22 Sept 2017; Fenella Plows:   Organic coriander growing at Nature Seychelles’ Heritage Garden “Nature Seychelles initiated its Heritage Garden programme 15 years ago to engage people into a new partnership with the soil. This included propagation of ‘heritage crops’ and medicinal plants and new concepts like edible landscaping, vertical gardens, climate-smart agriculture and… Continue reading Sustainable agriculture – The best way to feed the world

Heritage Garden

Like manna from heaven

Yesterday morning one of our staff members working in our Heritage (organic) Garden rapped very loudly on my window. As I drew the curtain back I was greeted with a toothy grin. “I have papaya!” Paul announced. He explained that the birds were already starting to ‘attack’ it but he rescued it in time. All… Continue reading Like manna from heaven

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Gardening Therapy at Nature Seychelles

 Banana Harvest from Nature Seychelles demonstration organic garden Seychelles NATION; June 9 2017: Horticulture is the growing of flowers, fruits, vegetables and plants and according to the American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA), the process of using plants and garden environments has been found to be therapeutic and to promote mental, physical and social health.


Why physical education is important in schools.

More and more I see less emphasis on physical education in schools and I ask myself, why has the accumulation of letters and GPAs become more important than taking care of our own body? Is it such a burden and hassle to simply maintain basic health? Research has shown that physical fitness not only increases… Continue reading Why physical education is important in schools.


What is movement all about

Some of you have been wondering what our movement sessions are all about. When I say movement I am not just referring to one way of moving but many. It is a way to get strong, mobile, flexible, agile and so forth. For the next few weeks we will be working on Strength (Monday and Wednesday)… Continue reading What is movement all about

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Move…and free your body and mind

“Movement” a general word and to the people not privy to its meaning or what it encompasses can be confusing. Let me start out by saying that movement can be fitness but within the current mainstream paradigm fitness is nowhere near movement. The mainstream fitness industry has a lot of misinformation and deception behind it… Continue reading Move…and free your body and mind

Green Health

New movements in our Green Health Program

Come and join us for our new Green Yoga and Fitness sessions starting Monday 20th February at the Yoga Kiosk, located at The Sanctuary in Roche Caiman.