Green Health Challenge

Day 31 August Green Health Challenge

Day 31 ‪#‎AugustGreenHealthChallenge‬ Marvel at nature Think about all the benefits a healthy environment brings us.Bring to mind all that nature gives us, our basic needs such as clean air or water, medicine (aspirin or penicillin), inventions (Velcro) wonderful experiences such as setting suns and beautiful vistas

Green Health Challenge

Day 30 August Green Health Challenge

Day 30 #AugustGreenHealthChallenge Listen to natureSit quietly and let the sounds around you come to you. Same as day 16 but at the end of the practice open your eyes and let the view come to you, again without conceptualising, without labelling

Green Health Challenge

Day 29 August Green Health Challenge

Day 29 #AugustGreenHealthChallenge Chill out in nature ‘Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair’ Khalil Gibran

Green Health Challenge

Day 28 August Green Health Challenge

Day 28 ‪#‎AugustGreenHealthChallenge‬ Try a natural alternative …citronella insect repellent, aloe vera after sun. There are many natural alternatives to cleaning products, sun cream, after sun, insect repellent, facials…What natural alternatives do you use?

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Day 27 August Green Health Challenge

Day 27 #AugustGreenHealthChallenge Try a Healthy Dessert Recipe Two words “Yum Yum”