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Nature lover and organic farmer

“When I saw the advert for the competition, I thought I must participate in it,” says Nathachia Pierre, the second prize winner of Nature Seychelles’ recent Nurtured by Nature photo competition. Nature Seychelles Green Health face book page was launched in May this year, and in celebration, competition entrants were asked to send in… Continue reading Nature lover and organic farmer

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Your green health in 2014

The new year is here and many of us are making resolutions and plans and strategies to live healthier and greener lives. It is really quite amazing: everywhere you turn people are questioning their lifestyles and are looking to do better this year.  Perhaps it is because of the effects of our current way of… Continue reading Your green health in 2014

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Natural (and quirky) mosquito remedies

Working next to a wetland has its attractions and many people who visit the Nature Seychelles headquarters at the Sanctuary at Roche Caiman have told us how lucky we are to work in this environment. A popular spot for outdoors classrooms and leisure activities, the wetland is also home to a variety of fauna and… Continue reading Natural (and quirky) mosquito remedies

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108 Sun salutations: Green Health Participants get up to a yoga challenge on World Peace Day

On Saturday 21 September Nature Seychelles,  through its Green Health Programme, hosted its first 108 sun salutations yoga challenge. It was led by the programme’s coordinator Robin Hanson, an experienced yoga teacher. Traditionally held to welcome a new time of year or to support a cause, the challenge was held on World Peace Day, with… Continue reading 108 Sun salutations: Green Health Participants get up to a yoga challenge on World Peace Day

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Join Robin at Seychelles’ inaugural festival of wellbeing!

Take part in green yoga

Nature Seychelles is a partner of  the inaugural Seychelles International Mind Body and Spirit Festival being held from 18-29 June across several islands in Seychelles. Supported by the Seychelles Tourism Board, this festival is “a celebration of wellbeing in the perfect setting.” It is expected to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit for locals and visitors alike. Events  include Tai Chi, meditation, yoga, spa, massage, music and art, and self empowerment in beautiful  settings.

The festival  will enable you  to re-discover yourself  and re-charge your batteries through a veritable carnival of holistic activities, free community events, affordable Workshops, Masterclasses and Retreats,” festival directors David and Marsha Clarke of the United Kingdom say.

Robin Hanson, Coordinator of Nature Seychelles Green Health programme who is a British Wheel of Yoga trained teacher, will deliver three activities over the course of three days.

If you love hikes, get those legs working and hearts pumping during a moderate walk to one of the most breath taking views of the Seychelles – Mt Copolia – on June 18. Here, you will discover Seychelles hidden secrets, whilst getting fit, healthy and happy. The hike starts at 9.30 am from The Station at Sans Souci.

On June 20th, you can take part in the evening green yoga class at Nature Seychelles in the purposely built Nature X centre, which is located within the beautiful surroundings of the Sanctuary at Roche Caiman.

Green yoga has many health benefits. People who attend the regular classes say they have been extremely beneficial. During the classes everyone works at their own level doing physical work before resting down for a long relaxation session. “I encourage self exploration to hone the teacher within, and to practice and focus on what is important and to realise we have everything we need right here and now,” Robin says.

Or participate in the Jungle Yoga, which Robin will hold at the Mission Lodge on June 20th during the morning hours. Participants will practice in this unique spot, while soaking up the stunning views on offer. The session will include a physical practice that encourages working with a compassionate awareness, leading to a listening concentration practice and finally resting down under the warm Seychelles sun.

“At the heart of all sessions will be our wellbeing and how our own efforts can be aided by the exploration of the natural world around us,” says Robin.

It’s important that you book the activities before hand. All events can be booked via the festival’s website or  the (Seychelles) booking number (248) 2503900

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Wellness program for employees at Nature Seychelles

It’s evening at the Nature X – a wooden pavilion at the Sanctuary at Roche Caiman. A yoga class is ongoing and a group of people lie flat on their backs on yoga mats, breathing gently. At the front of the class Robin, the teacher, is encouraging the group to let go of their day… Continue reading Wellness program for employees at Nature Seychelles

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Learn to Play…Play to Learn!

If you think of baby animals playing what images spring to mind? The mighty male lion, powerful and fierce, exercising forbearance as a tiny cub boxes and bites his way toward a cuff round the head. Young foals flying across a landscape at full speed, suddenly springing sideways bucking and leaping. A kitten prowling your… Continue reading Learn to Play…Play to Learn!

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Nature X, where it all happens

Location, location, location! We have that pinned down. The purpose built Nature X centre makes a perfect setting for all our activities. The high roof and nearby trees gently shade the activity area, alongside fish swim in the open pool of the wetland and herons feed. The centre is adjacent to the Heritage Garden at… Continue reading Nature X, where it all happens