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Polycarbonate baby bottles are banned in US

From now on, U.S. manufacturers may no longer produce polycarbonate baby bottles and sippy cups (for toddlers) if the clear plastic had been manufactured from bisphenol A, a hormone-mimicking compound. Long-awaited, the announcement is anything but a bold gesture. The Obama administration decided to lock this barn door after the cow had died. Via Science… Continue reading Polycarbonate baby bottles are banned in US

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Obesity impedes Sustainable Development

The Ministry of Health in Seychelles working with the Ministry of Education has launched  an excellent campaign which is titled “Promoting Healthy Weight…A Major Future Investment” which targets obesity in children in Seychelles. But the problem of obesity goes beyond the health sector – obesity actually impedes sustainable development. Last year in The People newspaper… Continue reading Obesity impedes Sustainable Development

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Bag lunches contain bacteria

A new paper has shown how frequently bagged lunches of preschool-aged children are kept at unsafe temperatures. Researchers in Texas measured how cool individual packed lunch items were at nine private child-care centers. A food’s temperature was judged as unacceptable if it fell between the range of 4° and 60° Celsius. More than 90 percent… Continue reading Bag lunches contain bacteria

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Learn to Play…Play to Learn!

If you think of baby animals playing what images spring to mind? The mighty male lion, powerful and fierce, exercising forbearance as a tiny cub boxes and bites his way toward a cuff round the head. Young foals flying across a landscape at full speed, suddenly springing sideways bucking and leaping. A kitten prowling your… Continue reading Learn to Play…Play to Learn!

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Get this Book!

Okay Green Mummies this is the book for you. It’s a great gift as well. “Healthy Child Healthy World” by Christopher Gavigan and published by Dutton is available at Nature Seychelles. With a Foreword by Meryl Streep and contributions by renowned physicians, environmental scientists and public health experts  as well as celebrities such as Gwyneth… Continue reading Get this Book!