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Nature X, where it all happens

Location, location, location!

We have that pinned down.

The purpose built Nature X centre makes a perfect setting for all our activities. The high roof and nearby trees gently shade the activity area, alongside fish swim in the open pool of the wetland and herons feed.

The centre has beautiful views

The centre is adjacent to the Heritage Garden at Nature Seychelles Centre for Environment and Education at Roche Caiman.

We aim to introduce in the very near future activities in our Heritage Garden. Here people can learn about gardening – from sowing seeds to harvesting, natural remedies and healthy diets. We also aim to introduce walks and other outdoor activities.

I have never been in a country so conducive to exploring the health benefits of nature before coming to the Seychelles. Here at Nature Seychelles we are bringing all these different elements together through the Green Health Programme and its benefits will be as diverse and rich as the country.


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