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New movements in our Green Health Program

Come and join us for our new Green Yoga and Fitness sessions starting Monday 20th February at the Yoga Kiosk, located at The Sanctuary in Roche Caiman. 

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Additional Green Yoga Session

We are now offering an additional Green Yoga session on Wednesday morning at The Sanctuary in Roche Caiman. From the feedback received from our Green Health members, we will offer a one hour session on Wednesdays at 9.00am. The afternoon sessions will remain as they are with one hour sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5.00pm. 

green yoga

Green Yoga is Back

Green Yoga is back! Dust off your mats and head to The Sanctuary. Come and nourish your body, mind and soul with a yoga practice surrounded by paradise.

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Mad about radishes

For the past few weeks following our first ever harvest of radish (Raphanus Sativus) from our Heritage (organic) Garden, there’s been quite a buzz about this juicy root crop in the office. There are many varieties in terms of shape and color; they can be cylindrical or round and come in black, purple, red or white.… Continue reading Mad about radishes


Nurtured by Nature

For several months now I have been toying with the idea of having my own daily yoga routine apart from the evening Green Yoga sessions I attend at The Sanctuary in Roche Caiman. However, exercise at home in the confines of four walls, or without an instructor to guide and motivate during the session can be… Continue reading Nurtured by Nature

Green Health

The beginning of a healthier and happier lifestyle close to nature

“I finished my August with a walk last night that included a buzzard flying over our house, bat watching, a beautiful crescent moon and a lovely glow from the setting sun. What will September bring?” That was a comment by Fran Collins a fan of Nature Seychelles Green Health facebook page. Her comment was in… Continue reading The beginning of a healthier and happier lifestyle close to nature


Day 12 August Green Health Challenge

Day 12 ‪#‎AugustGreenHealthChallenge‬ Healthy Meal Recipe Whatever takes your fancy. For some healthy fish recipes follow this link You can then spice it up with the Creole pepper sauce in Nature Seychelles’ second edition of ‘Grow and Eat Your Own Food Seychelles’. If you are making something totally different, please share some of your recipes… Continue reading Day 12 August Green Health Challenge