green exercise

Move…and free your body and mind

“Movement” a general word and to the people not privy to its meaning or what it encompasses can be confusing. Let me start out by saying that movement can be fitness but within the current mainstream paradigm fitness is nowhere near movement. The mainstream fitness industry has a lot of misinformation and deception behind it… Continue reading Move…and free your body and mind

Green Health

New movements in our Green Health Program

Come and join us for our new Green Yoga and Fitness sessions starting Monday 20th February at the Yoga Kiosk, located at The Sanctuary in Roche Caiman. 

green exercise

Help, which class is best for me?

Holá Green Healthies! I hope you had a great start of the week. In the last few days, some questions came up from some of you concerning the different types of classes so I’ll take a minute to explain in detail how the classes work and give you a super easy guide on how to… Continue reading Help, which class is best for me?