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Say what? Coconut Oil is poison? What have you been smoking?

A professor said coconut oil is “pure poison” and because she is affiliated to Harvard University everyone is running around like chickens without heads. Well, my response is this: why have a billion Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans who use coconut oil daily for cooking not been poisoned?? In those countries they also apply… Continue reading Say what? Coconut Oil is poison? What have you been smoking?

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Coconut oil for weight loss?

When it comes to weight loss, some research has shown that coconut oil can be effective for weight loss. A study published in the March 2008 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that coconut oil was more effective at promoting weight loss than olive oil. The small study followed 49 overweight men… Continue reading Coconut oil for weight loss?

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Pampered by nature

We often write about the wonderful food and medicinal plants that you can find in organic gardens such as the Heritage Garden at Roche Caiman. But did you know that within your garden you can find plants that can pamper the body too? Take the humble Avocado for example. Very popular in vegetarian cuisine and… Continue reading Pampered by nature