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Do you have a healthy start to the day?

What do you start your morning with? Coffee, tea, fresh juice, soft drinks? I had opportunity to ponder this question while photographing plants at our   Organic Heritage Garden at Roche Caiman.

Breakfast, we’ve been told is the most important meal of the day. Studies have shown for example that people who ate breakfast every day were a third less likely to be obese compared to those who skipped the meal. Skipping breakfast or eating poorly was also found to make people listless and irritable. In school, kids who ate breakfast were more likely to participate in physical activities.

But even more important is what you eat. With a little creativity, a delicious and nutritious breakfast meal is within reach. Fruits don’t need much. You just eat them. But for those who love smoothies, blending with your favourite yoghurt will add that extra deliciousness.

As I walked I realized that everything around me in the garden could be had for breakfast

For the fruits – the papaya, sugar apple, guava, star fruit even the coconut would be great for breakfast. For herbs – Mint, rosemary, chamomile, citronella, fennel, and thyme all make lovely teas. Indeed people have been making herbal teas for centuries first, for medicinal purposes, and later for enjoyment.

Most of the herbs only need to be infused in hot water to give a good tea. For example putting a few sprigs of rosemary into a mug and adding hot water, then leaving to infuse for 15 minutes provides a hot revitalising tea that’s good for the brain. The very versatile lemon grass, which can be used for tea as well as aromatherapy is also made by simply infusing leaves in hot water. These can be iced if you do not like hot beverages in the morning.

Where do you find ingredients for your breakfast? A lot of the fruits are available from farmers and the market. You can also grow your own. Ultimately your healthy start to the day is in your hands.


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