Heritage Garden

Like manna from heaven

Yesterday morning one of our staff members working in our Heritage (organic) Garden rapped very loudly on my window. As I drew the curtain back I was greeted with a toothy grin.


“I have papaya!” Paul announced. He explained that the birds were already starting to ‘attack’ it but he rescued it in time. All I needed to do was cut out the little bit where they had started pecking at.

After gingerly squeezing the papaya through the bars on my window, papaya in hand, large grin on my face and breakfast planning for the next day in mind, I went and stashed the fruit in the fridge.


This morning everyone seems to be in meetings somewhere or the other, but I’m ok with that, I don’t have to share my papaya! I brought in a serving of greek yogurt from home, and when the coast was clear, chopped half of the fruit and enjoyed my second breakfast for today. I will deal with the other half later in the day.





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