green exercise

Move…and free your body and mind


“Movement” a general word and to the people not privy to its meaning or what it encompasses can be confusing. Let me start out by saying that movement can be fitness but within the current mainstream paradigm fitness is nowhere near movement. The mainstream fitness industry has a lot of misinformation and deception behind it and more often than not it comes down to looking good. This is fine, but if you truly want to have a healthy, competent, well-prepared body it would be a good idea to start exploring movement as a way to fit.

When I say movement I am not just referring to one way of moving but many. This can include Yoga, Gymnastics body weight training, Parkour, Movnat, and others. To me fitness has this stigma surrounding it that if you want to get fit, big or strong you need to go to the gym lift weights and run on a treadmill ad nauseum, this is simply not the case and in most instances severely limits most people’s potential in terms of movement within their body.


Just because someone looks “fit” does certainly not mean that they are in fact “fit”. Movement, on the other hand, is a way to get strong, mobile, flexible, agile, and so on by not limiting ourselves to the weight room or the gym. It is liberating in many ways. Don’t get me wrong, some exercises in the gym have great benefits, bar squat and deadlift being a few but all those machines that get you lifting in fixed planes of motion can simply be tossed out the window.

Our body is meant to move in many directions and in many ways, and I think we do ourselves a disservice by not exploring that potential. I know this can seem overwhelming and it is easy to go back to what we know and what feels comfortable but I promise, comfortability will not allow you to explore your body or accomplish physical goals and realize your true potential.


Moving our bodies, to me is akin to meditation in that, through meditation we can liberate the mind, well so too through movement can we liberate our bodies from all sorts of physical ailments and deficiencies. Some of the most nagging injuries can be remedied through a systematic approach to holistic movement.


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