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Help, which class is best for me?


Holá Green Healthies!

I hope you had a great start of the week.
In the last few days, some questions came up from some of you concerning the different types of classes so I’ll take a minute to explain in detail how the classes work and give you a super easy guide on how to choose the best class for you.
We started classes this week and for now, all yoga classes are the same. For a few weeks, both Honey Flow and Soul Sweat will be introductory classes (more to Fit Camp later).

“But why do I have to redo the beginner’s class? I already did yoga before.”

Kundalini Yoga is so interesting because it includes a lot of different aspects. Breathing techniques, asanas (postures), kriyas (sets), meditation, mantras and so on. In order for everyone to be able to do all exercises, I am doing six introductory classes with all of you, explaining everything as if everyone is a beginner. Even many long time students of regular classes may not have been taught some of the fundamentals.

Once you have attended six introductory classes you move on to the next level and we will start the two different yoga classes.

So for now, you can join either Honey Flow or Soul Sweat to master the introduction. I will only start the proper classes once everyone is on track.

On a side note, Fit Camp is a fitness class. There is no yoga involved. If you wish to attend this class, please bring your sneakers and some water to stay hydrated.

yoga guide infographic

If you still have questions concerning the classes, don’t hesitate to pop me an email right here.

The timetable can be found here.

Have a great one and stay green!

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