A renewed journey in the new year

It is already the seventh day of the New Year and I am not doing too great with my New Year’s resolutions. My number one New Year’s resolution for 2015 was to have a daily yoga practise this year and so far my yoga mat has gone untouched sitting pretty in all its pink glory in a corner in my living room. Yes, I went out and bought a pink flowered yoga mat for motivation.

We have a great yoga program at Nature Seychelles so there’s really no excuse apart from laziness. The Green Yoga sessions are probably the most enjoyable yoga sessions I have had so far in the many years and many places I have attended yoga classes. Practising yoga surrounded by the paradise that Seychelles truly is.

Robin, Nature Seychelles’ eco-health coordinator and green yoga instructor practising yoga at The Sanctuary

Green Yoga is essentially practising yoga in nature allowing the natural world to nurture and nourish mentally, physically and emotionally. “When you spend time in nature your energy levels go up and you are therefore able to do more of the things you want to do,” says Dr Shah, Nature Seychelles CEO. “Through the stunning environment that Seychelles is blessed with, the Green Health Program aims to connect people with nature and indeed, themselves.”

The yoga center at The Sanctuary in Roche Caiman is a lovely place for this. Lying down on my mat at the end of a yoga session listening to the birds chirping and deeply breathing in the fresh air creates a wonderful ambience for the final few minutes of relaxation and meditation.

Granted it is challenging to get back into a routine after the festive season with all its off days and partying, I know I will feel great to get back into my green yoga sessions, as I always do. There’s nothing like a homemade bowl of pumpkin soup after a one and a half hour session of green yoga.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, to the self, through the self” – Hatha Yoga Pradipika (ancient yoga text)


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