Green Health

The beginning of a healthier and happier lifestyle close to nature

135465557_175bc49efc_o“I finished my August with a walk last night that included a buzzard flying over our house, bat watching, a beautiful crescent moon and a lovely glow from the setting sun. What will September bring?” That was a comment by Fran Collins a fan of Nature Seychelles Green Health facebook page. Her comment was in reaction to the just ended August Green Health Challenge.

Nature Seychelles Green Health program posted daily challenges for the entire month of August, such as marveling at, appreciating or giving back to nature and walking, exercising or relaxing in nature. The August challenge also included nutritional activities like drinking healthy juices or herbal teas, and buying as well as eating local organic foods, fruits and cuisines.

“Nowadays people in Seychelles like to have luxuries from the western world but they don’t see how bad that can be,” says Elsa De Geus, another facebook fan. “We like artificial and toxic drinks such as coca cola, redbull and smirnoff while we have such nice precious fruits around us.”

Day 26“As a child I was always drawn to nature. Without thinking about it, it nourished me, nurturing a deep sense of well-being and happiness,” says Robin Hanson, Nature Seychelles eco health coordinator and green yoga instructor. Robin designed the challenge to encourage people to live healthier and happier by connecting with nature. “As an adult I felt this harmony and peace as I practice yoga and meditation. I am lucky enough to be able to share it with others.”

Spending time by the beach, in a wooded area, at the park or even in our garden has been proven to greatly improve health. In a research carried out by the Children and Nature Network ( the study ‘Health benefits to children from contact with the outdoors and nature’ shows that nature is vital for a child’s wholesome development. 

Even as researchers and scientists continue to collect proof that nature has immense health benefits, the knowledge that spending time in nature improves our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing is an instinctual intelligence. It’s a natural reaction to spend time outside to try and deal with stress, anxiety or a glum mood.

IMG_0103In responding to Fran Collins’ question on what September will bring, Nature Seychelles Green Health program will continue to encourage people to be healthier and happier by connecting with nature with regular green yoga classes offered at The Sanctuary in Roche Caiman. “With Green health yoga we get all the feeling great, health benefits we get from being close to nature and the fantastic feel good factor we get from a yoga practice,” says Robin.

Nature Seychelles Green Health program will also continue to share ideas on enriching people’s well-being on its green health blog ( and facebook page ( and hopefully some of these can become lifelong habits for enhanced lifestyles.

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