The wonder but not-so-wonderful tasting juice

two glasses

The freezer door opens and I am hit by a pungent smell that rushes out to met my nostrils. It is not what I suspect. It is the smell of a handful of noni fruits recently picked from Nature Seychelles (organic) Heritage Garden. 

“I have not had a glass of my noni for a few days now” Robin Hanson, Nature Seychelles eco health coordinator says as he carefully selects two pieces of fruit.

I watch with interest as he then rinses the fruits, throws them into the blender jug and pours in one litre of water. After blending he then strains the juice into another jug

fruit on tree

I ask if I can try some and he says “Ofcourse!” beaming with a mischievous smile. When I take a gulp of the juice I understand why. I try not to wretch as I bravely gulp the rest down repeating in my head “Health benefits! Health benefits!”  

Noni fruit is a pungent smelling fruit with a bitter taste. The not-so-wonderful tasting juice is taken as a general health tonic and used for health conditions such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

Other parts of the plant are used for other health benefits, but like everything it needs to be taken correctly and in moderation. More information


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