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Why organic gardening is good for you and the environment

Organic harvests are good for you
Organic harvests are good for you

This past few weeks we have an abundance of fruits being harvested from our Heritage Garden. We’ve had the Gouyav (Guava), and lots of limes and lemons. By the way, if you are wondering about what to do with your excess Guavas, especially because the fruit becomes ripe quickly and is easily damaged, turn it into a juice to drink on its own or mixed with other fruit juices. We have trialled a nice mix of Guava, Coconut water and Bananas, with a little Ginger added for that extra kick, which was quite enjoyed by our regular green yoga participants.

The best thing about our fruits, and other produce, apart from the fact that they are lovely to eat, is that they are grown purely by organic means.

The organic approach to gardening has become popular worldwide because of increasing concerns about chemicals used in “modern” conventional farming. More and more people are beginning to question what it is they are eating, where it is coming from and how it is being grown. Added to this are concerns about harming the environment through farming methods that introduce chemicals to the soil, water and food-chain.

Having an organic garden can be achieved through simple easily applied actions.

Here are some ways we do it.

We avoid the use of pesticides. Our pest control is organic and instead of shop-bought organic pesticide, we make our own from natural plant based ingredients, which are also organically grown in the garden. For example, to keep white flies off plants, we are using a mixture of water, a little vegetable oil, garlic, chilli and other ingredients.

Our soil improvement is organic, which means that the nutrient and physical structure of the soil are improved through environmentally friendly methods. We use such methods as mulching to aerate and improve water retention and drainage. We make compost from appropriate kitchen, office and garden waste, and dead plants from our invasive species control on the wetland reserve. We also add manure, mostly chicken manure, where necessary.

Our garden mimics nature and promotes a healthy garden environment, which means we get a natural balance with many pest species held in check by some of the beneficial garden fauna.

Having an organic garden is possible. Visit us, buy some plants, have a wander around and talk to our experts.


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