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Animation: Effects of obesity

Via: My Doctor Australia: Obesity can cause problems with many organs in the body — view this animation to discover why obesity is bad for your health.   Advertisements

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Obesity impedes Sustainable Development

The Ministry of Health in Seychelles working with the Ministry of Education has launched  an excellent campaign which is titled “Promoting Healthy Weight…A Major Future Investment” which targets obesity in children in Seychelles. But the problem of obesity goes beyond the health sector – obesity actually impedes sustainable development. Last year in The People newspaper… Continue reading Obesity impedes Sustainable Development

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Reuters: Turmeric extract may protect heart after surgery

An article from Reuters Health  says that a new study conducted in Thailand suggests that extracts from turmeric spice, known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, may help ward off heart attacks in people who have had recent bypass surgery. The Study has been published in the The American Journal of Cardiology. During bypass surgery… Continue reading Reuters: Turmeric extract may protect heart after surgery