Organic farming

Change the World, Get Healthy, Go organic

Go organic now

If you do just one thing — make one conscious choice — that can change the world, go organic…. No other single choice you can make to improve the health of your family and the planet will have greater positive repercussions for our future.” So says Maria Rodale author of the “Organic Manifesto: How Organic Food Can Heal Our Planet, Feed the World and Keep Us Safe.

For every parent who has wondered how best to safeguard the health and safety of their children; for every environmentalist in search of a solution to the worsening crisis that afflicts our land, air, and waters; for every consumer who has asked himself “Is it really worth it to pay more for organic?” Maria Rodale offers straightforward answers and a single, definitive course of action: “We must demand organic now.”


Nirmal Shah


2 thoughts on “Change the World, Get Healthy, Go organic

  1. Its interesting to hear people advocate,encourage,support and write about organic agriculture,we are brothers in ideology,I am an organic farmer,LET GO ORGANIC!!!


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