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Green tea as sunscreen

...for smoother and better hydrated skin?

Green tea is a much used cure for many ills. Now, a new scientific study demonstrates its positive effect on human skin. Sixty female volunteers (including a control group) took part in a study in Germany to investigate the effect of the active ingredients in green tea on skin.  For 12 weeks participants consumed either a beverage containing 1,402 milligrams of the green tea  antioxidants called catechins or a control beverage with no antioxidant. Incredibly, in this short period the group consuming the antioxidant ended up with smoother and better hydrated skin than the control group. Their skin was also less prone to sunburn after exposure to the ultraviolet rays continued in sunlight.

Nirmal Shah

U. Heinrich, et al. Green tea polyphenols provide photoprotection, increase microcirculation, and modulate skin properties of women. Journal of Nutrition  Doi: 10.3945/jn.110.136465.
free abstract :


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