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Go Nuts

This post was going to be about nuts and how great they are. I started tapping away having begun with the one of the biggest, the coconut. After a little while a thought emerged as if planted by a or nut; the benefits of this nut are almost as big as itself (relating to… Continue reading Go Nuts

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An apple a day keeps old age away

A new paper in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry provides the first evidence that consumption of an antioxidant in apples extends the average lifespan of test animals. The research was on fruit flies which are used as  stand-ins for humans in research projects Damaging substances generated in the body known as free radicals… Continue reading An apple a day keeps old age away

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Learn to Play…Play to Learn!

If you think of baby animals playing what images spring to mind? The mighty male lion, powerful and fierce, exercising forbearance as a tiny cub boxes and bites his way toward a cuff round the head. Young foals flying across a landscape at full speed, suddenly springing sideways bucking and leaping. A kitten prowling your… Continue reading Learn to Play…Play to Learn!