Habit Forming

Happy desk stretching

Lets be honest, for most of us it’s not hard to do a few stretches here and there throughout our day. A nice shoulder stretch or neck release, leading to a nice relaxing sigh as we shrug and stretch off some of the day that may be still held clenched in our upper backs and necks. Maybe we enjoy a good side stretch or a twist, breathing out as we release into a position that reminds us and our bodies of those lazy morning stretches we naturally do in bed.

So if they feel so good why don’t we do them more often? Is it the possible embarrassment of inadvertently starting a Mexican wave off in your office or the fear of your colleagues having a frantic web search for “strait jackets delivered in a day!!!”?

Is it that you don’t remember anything from your yoga class that can be easily done in the office and you have slight reservations that going into tree posture on your desk may not go down too well?

Or is it that simply you don’t remember to do them? Doing some desk stretches just may not be a habit that is ingrained enough to wave away at your consciousness when you need it.

So a few tips that could help with some of these common issues.

If it is the anxiety or embarrassment of doing it in the work place the simplest answer is have some stretches in the bathroom. Another solution is talk to your colleagues; chances are they feel the effects of a long day at the office and a bit of a group stretch, with the ice having been broken by a bit of humour, such as Mexican wave desk yoga (lets make it an Olympic event people) will not only loosen those knots but the laughter will brighten the office too. Laughter and a relaxed team make not only a nicer place to work but are also more productive.

The memory aid; simply set a few reminders, phones, computers, we usually have something. Or ask to be included as part of my weekly update and part of it we be a handy email prompting you to reach for the heavens.

The postures part, well you can have this as the cliff hanger for my next post.

So the sky’s the limit, obviously limited by joints, tendon length, myofacial tissue, but hey you get the idea.



3 thoughts on “Habit Forming

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