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Powerful plants and ‘mozzie’ repellent

Lemongrass will stop those fiends

Have you ever stopped to consider the amazing bud bursting world around you? All the ways our fine foliage friends lend us a leafy hand every day? So have a root through the entry below and notice your fascination blossom. See they even help with metaphors; is there no end to their growing success!

Mosquito Madness

Have the little nibbling naughties been causing you to slap yourself or in the name of love and being helpful, slapping friends and family? (I am not endorsing this behaviour in the slightest of course!)

To the rescue our budding buddies. There are a number of plants that can help turn the tables on mosquitoes.

Sprigs of lemongrass hung up to dry (tips pointing down) where you want to deter mosquitoes will help, (the leaves have rough edges so do hang them out of reach of children or pets). Also crush the fleshy base of the leaves and rub the juice directly on your skin to repel mosquitoes.

You can even make your own mosquito repellent! Chop up the base of five or six lemon grass stalks and throw them into a blender with 1 cup of vodka (ah the test of how much you don’t want to be bitten). Blend together, then strain the solution and put in a spray bottle and add a cup of water. The mixture can be sprayed onto outdoor furniture, clothing and even pets.

As well as lemon grass, rosemary rubbed onto the skin will deter mozzies. Garlic of course is well known for its mozzie repelling properties, so dig out those garlic laden recipes to keep the critters at bay.  The added advantage of course of the garlic treatment will be that family and fiends friends will no longer be subject to anti mosquito slaps as they will smell you coming a mile off.



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