First things first

Thats me. Robin at Nature X, the setting for the classes.

I hope you have read our “About page” and downloaded our brochure. It has more information about this programme, like what to wear and so on. Here is what to expect when you come for the classes or join activities.

Yoga: Cool energy: Relax and rejuvenate in this refreshing class. Learn, physical postures, breathing and meditation practices that will cool, energise, and relax. Ideal for the beautiful Seychelles climate.
Core Yoga: Build core muscle strength, aerobic capacity; vital to good posture and well being, then relax with some breathing and meditation work.

Meditation: Relax, calm, de-stress and heal. No matter how busy your mind may be, hectic your life sometimes is, you will be able to reconnect with nature and yourself. Classes will teach you the basics in how to work with yourself, with a kind, supportive attitude using techniques such as visualisation, awakening the senses, concentration and meditation practices.

Fitness (will be offered soon): Learn to make use of our natural surroundings to keep you healthy, strong and well, in mind, body and spirit. Classes will be a mixture of aerobic capacity building, strength work and exploring the positive power of nature.

And things to come….

Good food, good mood: Discover our Heritage Garden and get those green fingers working. Learn everything from sowing seeds to harvesting your bounty and discover new ideas for delicious recipes, natural remedies and healthy diets, Seychelles style.

Special events: Meditation hill walks, diving breath, sunrise/sunset meditation, meditation garden creation.

On this blog we will be sharing tips on all the above activities. And posts on “science and your health” will keep you updated on latest research into nature, exercise and health. We would love to hear from you too about stuff you would like us to address.

See you soon.

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