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Save our Green Medicine

John, a fifty-something Seychellois regularly visits us  at Roche Caiman to collect fruits of bwa torti or Noni. “Noni has helped me deal with pain and even cancer” John told me. The use of plant products as alternative medicine is very common in Seychelles and in all countries of the region. At the Nature Seychelles… Continue reading Save our Green Medicine

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What a load of rot!

Whether you’ve got a few herb pots balancing on your window sill or a jungle at the back of your house, the fruits of a bit of gardening are enormous. But are you clever with your compost or a novice when it comes to plant nourishment? All living things need nutrients, so in our gardens… Continue reading What a load of rot!

Heritage Garden · Tips and Tricks

Powerful plants and ‘mozzie’ repellent

Have you ever stopped to consider the amazing bud bursting world around you? All the ways our fine foliage friends lend us a leafy hand every day? So have a root through the entry below and notice your fascination blossom. See they even help with metaphors; is there no end to their growing success! Mosquito… Continue reading Powerful plants and ‘mozzie’ repellent

Heritage Garden · Science and your health

Eating Raw

The Nature Seychelles Heritage Garden project promotes eating raw stuff that is grown in our gardens. Now Kenyan Doctor Dr Nyokabi Musila says that eating raw foods should be given a fair chance.  There are  good reasons for cooking foods  such as killing harmful bacteria in meat, for example. However, at the extreme end of… Continue reading Eating Raw

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Science says yoga is great for you

We always knew this but now the National Institute of Health (NIH) of the United States says that the growing body of scientific evidence shows that the practice of yoga could overcome stress, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, increase lung capacity, improve muscle relaxation and body composition, help with conditions such as anxiety, depression,… Continue reading Science says yoga is great for you

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Nature X, where it all happens

Location, location, location! We have that pinned down. The purpose built Nature X centre makes a perfect setting for all our activities. The high roof and nearby trees gently shade the activity area, alongside fish swim in the open pool of the wetland and herons feed. The centre is adjacent to the Heritage Garden at… Continue reading Nature X, where it all happens


First things first

I hope you have read our “About page” and downloaded our brochure. It has more information about this programme, like what to wear and so on. Here is what to expect when you come for the classes or join activities. Yoga: Cool energy: Relax and rejuvenate in this refreshing class. Learn, physical postures, breathing and… Continue reading First things first